Some Groveling

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If you’re enjoying Office Crush (yes? I hope?), then would you mind sharing the link with your friends/family/coworkers/strangers on the street?

I really don’t want to ask and it’s totally out of my comfort zone, but I’m trying to build a bit of an audience here. You see, I’m going to a writing conference on April 20th to network for another book I wrote, and how awesome would it be if I could go up to agents and publishers and tell them about the MEDIUM-SIZED SUCCESS of Office Crush? It would be really amazing. It would help me out A LOT as a writer with some credibility.

Disclaimer: I’m not going to make any money off of this site, or off of my other site (well, I did make, like, six dollars last month, so I misspoke). I am doing this for FUN, and also because if I’m writing this stuff ANYWAY, I might as well have a readership, small or large. I am not going to stop writing no matter how small this audience is. I love it. I have way too much fun. It should be illegal, that’s how much fun Office Crush is to write.

So, if you feel like it, there are buttons below every post for you to tweet/facebook/email/what-have-you to people. Or you could subscribe via RSS or Facebook or email to the left (or at the bottom if you’re reading this on a phone). (Err, facebook is here.) If you don’t want to, no sweat. I understand. I hate email forwards and endless relinks and too much self-aggrandizing and promotion. I only try to link to things I really love, so if you don’t really love it, or are just too busy, you will not hurt my feelings.  And I promise not to do too much talk of promotion.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled Office Crush.

(And hey, if you want, tell me in the comments:  Ben? Boss? Ian? Aust3n all by herself?)

(And also? THANK YOU. Thank you for reading. You make my day.)

9 thoughts on “Some Groveling

  1. I’m definitely leaning towards Ian at this point =)! (If she goes with Boss, she won’t be much better than his cheating fiance!) (But I DO want to know why Boss is looking so haggard all of a sudden =)!)

  2. oh man, Team Ian all the way. Boss doesn’t even have a name. You can’t marry someone with no name, can you? I mean, imagine explaining THAT one to your granny.

  3. I LOVE this story. It is the very first thing I read in my reader and I’m super thrilled when a new one comes up. LOVE IT. I’m a little nervous that I’m going to be all fangirly and starstruck when we meet at The Blathering.

    I’m also on Team Ian. I’m meh at best about Boss, and meh about Ben, too. Go Ian!

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