At Least We Were Already Getting Ice Cream

I took Eliot out for ice cream at Molly Moon’s, because nothing heals like salted caramel ice cream with hot fudge sauce on top. While we were waiting in the ridiculous Seattle-sunny-day-eat-while-the-temperature-is-above-60 line, the line that halfway down the block, I saw him.

I lifted my head from Eliot’s shoulder and whispered, “That’s Ian.” He was paying for two gigantic waffle cones, one of which he handed to a woman.

A woman that looked an awful lot like Dominique.

And when they walked past me, she looked right at me, nodded her head curtly and said, “Aust3n.” She glanced at Eliot for a minute and then walked out the door. Ian didn’t even look my way. He just put his hand on the small of Dominique’s back and pushed her out the door, past us.

What, so they’re dating now? Again? Is Ian cheating with her? What about Boss? Is that why he looked so angry? Does he know?

Ugh. UGH. There are too many questions, and I want to know NONE of the answers.

After they walked away, Eliot asked me if I wanted to leave.

“No,” I said. “I want a double scoop.”


6 thoughts on “At Least We Were Already Getting Ice Cream

  1. Aust3n… when two people get ice cream, that does not always mean they’re dating. And we all know Dom would not eat a gigantic waffle cone, so maybe Ian’s bringing one of those back for Boss, and she just came with him to get it. Maybe.
    And I agree with above poster: Aust3n does want to know all the answers, but won’t admit that to herself or anyone else. But, oh yes, she does, and not knowing is just causing more problems and heartache. Poor Aust3n.
    Oh, and I think I’m now completely team Ian… I think.

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